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"Missing the point..." by Bob on September 13, 2007, 10:13 pm, in category General
The purpose of this blog is to share ideas & thoughts.  I try to do that.  When my colleagues (with far greater education than I) questioned whether it was a hurricane or not, their reasoning was based on a belief that NOAA(NHC is a part of NOAA) is "fudging" data to make their predictions come true.  Remember NOAA called for 15-17 named storms?  My take?   I don't think that to be true...but what bothers me is this...once NHC proclaims a named s.....


"Was it a Hurricane?" by Bob on September 13, 2007, 3:07 pm, in category General
Two long time meteorologists (both CCMs) called me this morning and asked why NHC made Humberto a hurricane?   The definition of a hurricane is..."SUSTAINED winds 74+ mph."  Has ANYONE been able to find a surface wind report with SUSTAINED winds 74+ ?   Have seen buoy report 20 miles from center recording 56 mph & one report with gusts to 73 mph.  A review of Beaumont(31 mph) & Lake Charles (21) observations find top winds of far from hurricane force. Flig.....


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