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"New Post Coming..." by Bob on September 14, 2007, 10:15 pm, in category General
As I have previously said, the purpose of this blog was to inform & educate my viewers and to get some feedback about their concerns.  That was working well until several folks decided to use the blog for their own gratification.  Beginning tomorrow, if you want to blog with us, terrific, BUT you will be required to sign in.   If you have nothing constructive to say, your message will not be posted.  No longer can you use made up e-mail names.  

Now, regarding my posting from yesterday.   1) the NHC says it is aware of the "hurricane deductible" and they try to be cautious when upgrading a storm.   They admitted there were no surface reports of hurricane force winds, but the upgrade was made from 1) Recon data & 2) land based radar wind velocities.  Regarding the insurance issue...I don't make things up.   I checked with a State Farm agent who tells me 1) they cannot issue an insurrance policy once a storm is given a name and 2) the "Hurricane Deductible" kicks in when NHC upgrades it to a hurricane...not when it is just a tropical storm.

For those of you worried about a future storm in the Gulf...I see nothing right now that could develop.   Again, a front is coming so go enjoy a nice weekend.   To those of you with anger and hate, go find another site. Love & Peace.