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"Missing the point..." by Bob on September 13, 2007, 10:13 pm, in category General
The purpose of this blog is to share ideas & thoughts.  I try to do that.  When my colleagues (with far greater education than I) questioned whether it was a hurricane or not, their reasoning was based on a belief that NOAA(NHC is a part of NOAA) is "fudging" data to make their predictions come true.  Remember NOAA called for 15-17 named storms?  My take?   I don't think that to be true...but what bothers me is this...once NHC proclaims a named storm to be a hurricane...EVERYONE's "hurricane deductible" kicks in.   What does that mean?    Well, instead of those homeowners damaged by Humberto getting paid for storm damage (less a minor deductible usually 500-1,000), they now face a 2-5% deductible amounting to 5-10 thousand dollars or more.   I just feel NHC needs to be more cautious in upgrading storms to hurricanes since it is very costly...not to the insurance companies but to us.  Remember, I still haven't found ANY surface sustained winds of hurricane force reported from Humberto. NHC may be watching out for us but they are also helping the insurance industry to the tune of millions of dollars.

By the way, we have another named storm (Ingrid) so far out and moving so slowly that if you're interested in knowing more about it, go to the Weather Underground site.   With a real cool front coming, our weekend should turn out delightful.  Go enjoy it.