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"Was it a Hurricane?" by Bob on September 13, 2007, 3:07 pm, in category General
Two long time meteorologists (both CCMs) called me this morning and asked why NHC made Humberto a hurricane?   The definition of a hurricane is..."SUSTAINED winds 74+ mph."  Has ANYONE been able to find a surface wind report with SUSTAINED winds 74+ ?   Have seen buoy report 20 miles from center recording 56 mph & one report with gusts to 73 mph.  A review of Beaumont(31 mph) & Lake Charles (21) observations find top winds of far from hurricane force. Flight level winds were reported at 98 kts, but nothing close to that has been reported at the surface.  I have asked NHC for an explaination and should have one shortly.  They say this storm was the fastest to intensify from a TD to a hurricane in less than 18 hours.